star sapphire
for hearts long lost and full of fright. for those alone in blackest night. accept our rings and join our fight. love conquers all with violet light.
★ Samantha was born into a fairly traditional and conservative family, where gender roles were both expected and enforced. By all means, it was a dated and backwards way of living and raising children and it wasn't exactly fair to be raised around that, and a part of young Sam knew that it was off and something about it wasn't right, but there was little that she could do in order to change anything. Samantha was a quiet child, who mostly did as she was told, and fell into line with all of the things that were expected out of her. she didn't experience the freedoms her brothers or other relatives did, but for that time, she didn't question it. Between religion and biases regarding her sex and gender, she was limited to what she could do in and out of the home for most of her young life.

★ Over the course of her childhood, she developed a close relationship with her mother, mostly through the kitchen and a shared love of cooking. It started early on, with her mother teaching her simple recipes that Samantha would memorize, and graduated into Samantha picking up cookbooks on her own and turned into creating her own recipes. The time in the kitchen was a type of escape and time for her and her mother to make up their own dreams and make up their own stories and plans and ideas that would stick with the young girl for the rest of her life.

★ By the time she was a teenager, it was clear that she had a knack and talent for the culinary arts, beyond what her mother was teaching her and the knowledge that she gained from that. Her first jobs were working in restaurants as a busser or a waitress, occasionally helping in the back of house. The money earned from these jobs went towards classes to teach her 'real' skills in the kitchen. Basic, beginner, skills, but the proper way of doing things. What started as something to keep her busy and distracted and out of trouble turned into a talent she wanted to use as a career.

★ In regular school, she was a decent enough student, even if it didn't always particularly interest her and, aside from that, college wasn't even something she discussed with her parents as a serious potential future, as to where she would go and what she would do with the rest of her life. As far as her father was concerned, those kinds of plans were for her brothers, and she was meant to take care of things around the house until she up and got married. School, initially, wasn't a priority to her after years of that particular mentality being drilled into her head -- she could be a pretty face who married decently and be a decent housewife, as far as he was concerned. When out of earshot, her mother did her best to push Samantha in another direction, but didn't dare openly go against her husband.

★ By the time Samantha graduated, she had her own plans in mind, having turned the wheels in her head for years. College wasn't something she discussed with her family, but it wasn't something that was out of the cards. Sure, her father didn't necessarily think she should have gone, but she had a lon gterm education plan in mind. Her first stop was Bauman College in California. It was a short stay, just over two years, and it was a struggle to adjust to a more open life than the one that she had previously been living that had been bogged down by both her sex and rather strict religious beliefs. She kept herself busy with school more than anything, needing to keep her mind on something so she didn't feel as out of place or as if she needed to crawl back home.

★ Her next stop was New York City to attend The Culinary Institute of America, leading to her home for the next four years. Her focus on school was intense and she did little else but focus on her education and honing her skills and making connections in order to make her mark and get somewhere with her life. Going back home to her 'old life' wasn't an option on the table, even if all of the newness and 'rule breaking' and going against everything she taught remained terrifying, no matter how far away she was from the people who put those ideas into her head.

★ After graduation, she was finally able to slow down and breathe, able to process things a little better. For the years she'd been in school, she'd never quite done that, since school kept her mind occupied and off of other things. Now that she was done, she had time to sit and think more, and try to gather her thoughts and figure them out as well. Something that was, unfortunately, rather hard for her to do. Untangling thoughts and feelings was a pain, as was figuring herself out, now that she had little-to-no distractions to keep her from doing that. With school, she had something to focus all of her energy on. Now, even though she was working, the intensity was gone and she was left with confusion.

⤑ name samantha arianna pascal ⤑ aka sam, sammie ⤑ comicverse carol ferris / star sapphire ⤑ date of birth + age 31 march 1987; 30 ⤑ birthplace new orleans, la ⤑ current residence boston, ma ⤑ occupation self-employed/business owner ⤑ relationship status eh.

Like Carol, she's a socialite born into a family of wealth. They have a large family business that she's worked for in the past, but right now, she's trying to work everything out on her own. Her father wants her to take over the business one day, much like Carol did, but right now she's in a much more passive image-related role.

She's slowly learned to be much less of a passive pushover and more of a forward, outspoken, challenging type of person. Like Carol, she's gone from being very head-in-the-clouds to more of a grounded realist who does want to believe the best in the world and have a positive outlook, but not at the cost of her being able to hold her own and not looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Her taste in men can be rather questionable/tragic at times. They're not usually bad guys by any means, they're just... messy and she's definitely lowered her standards once or twice.

Albeit in a different way from Carol, her life has become devoted to spreading love to other people, uplifting them, and being a positive force and influence in the lives of other.

Both women lost their mothers at a young age. Both also have a complicated relationship with their fathers.
abilities superhuman strength cv/au
superhuman speed
superhuman stamina cv/au
superhuman durability cv/au
superhuman agility
environmental immunity
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hand-to-hand combat
supersonic flight
aerial combat
skilled pilot
time manipulation

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repelling ray
star sapphire gem
star sapphire uniform

memories memories of carol ferris
memories of zamarons
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facts 01 Her relationship with her father, at best, is complicated and the distance between them is probably for the best to keep feelings of bitterness and resentment out of the way. He's still of the opinion she ought to be settling and/or married already which... just is not an option for her at the moment.

02 She's spent the past few years detangling herself from her upbringing, the mentality she was raised around, and figuring out who she is outside of that and actually trying to get to know herself, outside of preset ideas and notions.

03 Untangling her thoughts and feelings and attempting to figure out her own has been a process from top to bottom. She's studied politics carefully, quietly dated people of both sexes, and has done her best to develop her own thoughts and feelings. College was a start at freedom, post-college life is the first real application of it and focusing on who she is and not just what she wants to be doing.

04 Has cooked competitively in an attempt to add to a name/brand she could build up in addition to earning money. Its worked to an extent, but also is semi-embarrassing at times, but she attempts to shrug it off as best she can.

05 Her work and connections have allowed that brand to grow and she currently runs a blog with DIY tips, recipes, and she's taken to traveling to personal/private clients that she's made over the years. Most of her connections are via the culinary institute, but she's slowly making her own and finding her own means of doing things. She travels around the world, but has taken to settling into Boston to call it 'home''.

06 She is very quietly bisexual, or at the very least, she's figuring out her likes and preferences in anything involving dating or her sexual life. She's making a strong effort to find her own identity in that sense and is attempting to ignore the guilt that comes with doing that.

07 She has some very mild self-defense and fighting skills. Absolutely nothing particularly impressive in terms of skill level or what she's capable of doing, but she has learned how to throw a decent right hook without hurting herself.

education • high school
• Barnard Univeristyy.
    ↳Political Science; Minor in Economics.