Take your best shot. I will offer no resistance. Then it will be my turn.

Micah always did what was expected of him since the moment he came into this world. When his parents were expecting him due during the first week of July, the little man showed up at two o'clock in the morning on the first of July. Micah swore that his father held over him that he was two hours late his entire life. His father was a successful man and had dragged himself out of poverty, he expected the world from Micah and his younger brother Luke. The best was all he would accept, there was no substitute.

And for the most part Micah provided just that. He was the best student, the best athlete, class president and active in his community. When college scouts started coming around to his games, his father would meet them in the stands and tell them that they better not distract his boy. He ended up going to Boston College, only after he convinced his father that it was a better football program than Harvard. The elder Walsh saw football as a means to an end. He made sure that his son was majoring in a field that would lead to him having a future after the game. Micah always liked learning about how things worked, so engineering seemed like a great field and when he read about the opportunities and lack of diversity in the field, he became determined to become successful at it.

His college football career went better than anyone expected, he switched positions from Wide Receiver to Strong Safety and became a top five ranked player at his position. During his Junior year he was an All American and a highly touted prospect. It was only when he told his father that he would likely be drafted in the first round that he gave his blessing to leave school to go into the draft. He would end up being draft by the Carolina Panthers which meant moving away from home for the first time in his life, but he adjusted quickly. Having a set schedule laid out for you might feel restricting to some, but it helped Micah adjust to being away from Boston for the first time. He was off and on with girlfriend Lola at the time, she was the only girl his family had ever approved of so he wouldn't let her go.

His first year in the league went well, he finished second in voting for Defensive Rookie of the Year and got into the Pro Bowl as an alternate. He continued to rise in his second year and he was starting to be talked about as a star. It wasn't until his third year that everything came off the rails. It was during the first round of the playoffs and he was coming up to make a tackle when he collided with his own teammate. The next thing he remembered he was in the hospital. He had been knocked out cold and had suffered a severe concussion. It took months for the headaches to go away and after that was when he started doing research. It wasn't talked about then as much as it was now, but he was able to find studies on the damage concussions due to your brain. He was only twenty three years old and didn't want to risk being impaired for the rest of his life, so in an unprecedented move at the time he retired three years into a promising career.

He went back to Boston and enrolled back into school with the intention of pursuing a degree in engineering. At the same time he also got serious with Lola who was pursuing her own career in the city. They made the perfect couple on the outside. He finished his undergrad and went straight into pursuing his graduate degree. A good thing about having a few millions dollars in the bank from his years in the league meant he could put his full focus on school. After completing his post grad and securing a well paying job, he did what was expected of him next... propose to Lola. He loved her, they were both moving along in their careers and he had always wanted to have a family. He probably should of been more mindful of her wants and needs, but his emotional maturity wasn't where it needed to be.

The day of their wedding came and went without nuptials. She left him that day and left him a jilted, broken man. It was easily the most embarrassing moment of his life and left him a bit lost. For the first time in his life he didn't know what he was supposed to do,,, so when an opportunity to participate in Engineers Without Boarders, he jumped at it. He wanted to get away, he wanted to find himself. This gave him that opportunity.

He ended up in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and the next few years changed his life. It was easy to forget about your issues when their is true human suffering going on all around you. When it was over, part of him was reluctant to return home, but he decided it time to take his life off hold and returned to his family. He returned in 2015 and started working at Mitsubishi Electric. It wasn't saving the world, but it paid well and helped him get his life back on schedule.

⤑ name micah walsh ⤑ comic t'challa/black panther ⤑ date of birth + age 1 july 1979 + 38 ⤑ birthplace boston, ma ⤑ current residence boston, ma ⤑ occupation former nfler / electrical engineer ⤑ relationship status single personality
black panther T'Challa was the first biological son of T'Chaka, king of the African nation of Wakanda, a secluded technologically advanced country that contained the only source of the rare ultra-durable metal known as Vibrainum.(...)

tie ins • played for carolina panthers
• engineer and athlere
• failed engagement to lola daniels/storm
powers & abilities
Black Panther Physiology
   • Peak Human Condition
   • Superhuman Strength
   • Superhuman Senses
   • Superhuman Speed
   • Superhuman Stamina
   • Superhuman Durability
   • Superhuman Agility
   • Superhuman Reflexes
   • Enhanced Healing Factor
   • Black Panther Knowledge
Weapons Mastery
Shadow Physics
Magic Resistence
Master Acrobat
Master Combatant
Master Tactician/Strategist
Master Martial Artist
Master Acrobatics
Expert Marksman
Expert Huntsman/Tracker
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Black Panther Habit
Heart-Shaped Herb
Energy Daggers
Heavenly Armor
Light Armor
Vibranium Suit
Kimoyo Card
Kimoyo Beads

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